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Losing Touch Pullover (Drab)

$90.00 / On Sale

Enzyme-Washed Cotton Twill

Drop-Shoulder Fit

Satin Lining

Velcro Enclosures

Adjustable Wrist Straps

Right Shoulder Pocket

Light-Reactive Plastisol Ink

Adjustable Face-Guard

Drawstring Waist Adjustment


"The pain of the narcissist is that, to him, everything is really a threat. What doesn't surrender in reverence is blasphemous to a high opinion of oneself - the burden of self-importance. The narcissist reconstructs his own law of gravity which states that all things and all creatures must adhere to his personal satisfaction, but when they do not, the pain is far more intense than it is for one who is free from the clamors of I."